Tenute Martarosa - azienda vinicola Campomarino (CB) Molise
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We tell the story of our land through the 5 senses, a direct testimony of what to see in Molise. Our senses do not deceive us, they give us the opportunity for a real encounter with everything that surrounds us, engaging us in an experience whose memory is destined to last forever.

Le immagini

A gaze that teaches beauty

The sea on the horizon, walls that recount stories in the village of Campomarino, a landscape tinged with intoxicating colours, offering unexpected sunsets and a suggestive view of the Tremiti Islands.
Our land captures the attention of anyone who happens to observe it, even if just for an instant.

Tenute Martarosa in primavera
Tenute Martarosa in primavera
Tenute Martarosa in estate
Tenute Martarosa in primavera
Le immagini

Listening to the sound of nature

The singing of cicadas in the evening and the chirping of birds at sunrise. The signs of a farming life, amids the noise of tractors working in the fields, animals demanding attention and the chatter of old and new generations.And again the music of the patronal feast of Santa Cristina and the shouts of children playing in the streets. Our soundtrack is a natural music that is impossible to get tired of.

Le sensazioni

The opportunity of touching nature first-hand

A sensory journey through the wheat fields that paint the fields yellow, the warm earth after a day in the summer sun, the weight of the fruits of the land, the fine sand of the still wild beaches. Recharge amidst the greenery, in the vineyards we cherish.

I vitignii della tenuta Martarosa
Mano della nonna
Tenute Martarosa video
Uva delle Tenute Martarosa
Le sensazioni

A genuine taste that fills the heart

Real, bold, authentic, and spontaneous. Just as nature has shaped them, they arrive on the diners' tables. These are the flavors of the land and sea, thanks to the daily work of farmers and fishermen who inhabit our region. Their taste is distilled in traditional dishes and enhanced by the pairing with local olive oil and wine.

I vitignii della tenuta Martarosa
Vini neri Martarosa
Bicchiere di vino rosso Tenute Martarosa
Gli odori

Breathing unforgettable scents

The scent of fields bathed in morning dew, the fragrance of wild rosemary, the hints of early spring flowers and grape skins during the harvest, the call of the sea breeze, and the essence of saltiness. These are unforgettable scents that have been with us since childhood, scents that our land tirelessly exudes.

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