It will be a journey into tradition to discover the Molise area and its genuine products.
All punctuated by the heady notes of Tenute Martarosa wines.
riconoscimenti di Tenute Martarosa

Weaving the plot out of bounds: the recognitions of Tenute Martarosa

Tenute Martarosa entered the wine market in 2017 intending to communicate a territory, narrating a product, but above all making wine and land lovers participate in a work that is the fruit of eternal values.

Our wines are an elegant and sophisticated plot that weaves infinitely, enriching itself from year to year with new original details.
Hence the desire to get involved by participating in the selection of the best guides in the sector. And so, confident in the incessant work carried out, we try to work alongside the big labels with conviction, with a mixture of pride and healthy competition.



Awards and recognitions

Our ambition is rewarded and in 2019 our winery made its debut in the "Gambero Rosso Guide" which with its famous "3 glasses" has been selecting Italian wine excellence for over 30 years; further confirmation of the quality of our products comes the entry into the "Good Wines of Italy", the guide promoted by the Touring Club Italia which selects the best bottles made with native Italian grapes and classifies them with the famous crowns.
In 2020, despite the limits and the forced postponement of numerous events in the sector, we managed to cross national borders by excelling among global labels: we collect the prizes awarded to us at the "Concours Mondial de Bruxelles" in Rome.
Seeing our beloved Molise among the most important labels in the world was an enormous satisfaction.
In 2020, confirmation also arrives from Gambero Rosso, which adds other labels to the first year's selection and reserves important words for Tintilia, which we hope will soon reach the highest score. 


What are the most popular wines?

The biggest surprise was the recognition of the value of Moscato, which, in addition to being included in the Gambero Rosso and Touring Club guides, received the silver medal at the Mundus Vini in Germany, a twenty-year competition in which wineries from all over the planet and the gold medal at the "Concours Mondial de Bruxelles". Our Moscato is a broad and fresh wine that we define as a love story and, like all self-respecting great love stories, it does not disappoint.
This is followed by Fiano doc, included this year among the one hundred best wines in Italy by the "Il Golosario" guide, and our Antico Podere 2017, based on Montepulciano, considered by The Wine Hunter to be one of the 5 best wines of Molise.


Tintilia: a passion with deep roots

However, what makes our hearts beat faster is the typical Molise vine, Tintilia, which contains all the regional taste-olfactory baggage in one sip. Its bunches are influenced by the echoes of our grandparents, pioneers of our company and weavers of that ancient fabric that binds us inextricably to Molise. Gambero Rosso was struck by the "impressive aromatic finesse" of the Tintilia del Molise DOC 2016, in the Vini Buoni d'Italia it is defined as "balanced and elegant" while the Brussels World Competition awarded the silver medal to the 2018 vintage.
However, what made us deeply proud and further strengthened our deep bond with this product was winning the "Ercole" award. Far from the clamour of great competitions and the result of the reserved soul of the Molise people, it is the recognition that rewards the best bottle of Tintilia among those participating, through the evaluation of a jury of AIS sommeliers. During the competition, which took place as part of the "Macchia DiVino–47th Wine and Flavor Market Exhibition" event, we were confronted with important local realities and with broader experience on the market.






Tintilia Molise  Spumante brut tintilia  Tintilia rosato 

At the end of this excursus among our first recognitions from guides and competitions, we want to report the words that our Michele dedicated to the Ercole award during an interview for: Quotidiano Molise:



"We particularly care about the Ercole award as it represents the link between wine and its land of origin. Tintilia constitutes the liquid image of a rich and genuine territory that satisfies the senses of every visitor. Our commitment is to create a faithful and identifying wine that is the fruit of the eternal values of beauty, humanity and truth".


A true declaration of love for a territory that saw us born and which accompanies us with its thin thread on our journeys.